Sunday, 23 September 2007


I woke up at the early hour of 2 PM and wondered "Whatever shall I do?"
A little lightbulb popped above my head---So I tried to shut the window thinking it was the sun.

An experiment I shall start, to create a pot of gold......nah,I'll settle for a pot of choc.

First get these ingredients:

A jar of hot chocolate powder

Some really dark chocolate- like seriously BLACK! (85% bitter like ass!)

Some leftover choc cookies

Gather some Chocolate milk
And harvest some Sara Lee French Vanilla Ice Cream (MY FAVE FLAVOUR)

Finally, start melting the choc and toss everything inside!stir 3 times, chant "cacao euphorium aphrodisia heavenium!"
A melting Pot of SIN!

Put it into moulds and freeze it.

As for mine. Experiment Failure!

Reasons why:
  1. Do not use cookies as they will turn soggy.
  2. Do not ass too much milk as it will be too wet to harden
  3. Do not use pharquing bitter chocolate and be out of sugar to fix it.
  4. Have prettier moulds and have more of it.
  5. Have lots of chocolate ingredients around to mix.
  6. Just buy chocolate la! major Miau sai!
Learn from my mistakes people.

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