Monday, 24 September 2007

Home alone

Home Alone

Ok I was just going to blog and suddenly I've just had a case of Pissy McPissed!

I'm not PMS-ing but I might as well squirt blood out of my southern regions now.

I've always been afraid that people will know too much about me, that publicizing my blog would do damage to my reputation.

so you know what? I say PHARQUE IT!
I've come a long way from my nerd boy Primary school days when I was known as the Black Doraemon.
I'm not about to let my petty fears get in the way of my full on expression.
i'm supposed to be an artist for Goddess's sakes!

Here's some of my recent work using water colours while being a total recluse in my studio apartment.
The Peacock Lady
(Watercolour + Pencil)

Liquid Lily
(watercolour + Photoshop)

anyway, another reason why i'm fuming is because of my mother.

not that she did anything wrong..But she's trying to be tooooo in..RIGHTEOUS!

here's why- this is the email she had to forward to Me,My dad, Rose the Horribla and my Aunt. She's mainly talking to my aunt. here's how she sounds.I'm going to BOLD the annoying words.

"Sure glad to know your have met my son. God indeed has a purpose for him there even if it is to help Royce see and appreciate deeper the goodness of God and His blessings He has showered upon Royce all this while. As his mother i am glad he is now willing to learn about budgetting and counting it a blessing to have food and this opportunity to study abroad. Sometimes he forgets that he is but a student on a budget and should be concentrating on his degree rather than on comforts or shopping. God will direct his path and make him strong through it. Praying he will be able to get a good flatmate to share an apartment with after his bond this Feb,2008. Amen.

I remember how wonderful a sis you are when you will bring a cake all the way to Manchester or wherever just to celebrate my birthday for me-especially when i needed a knock on the head to walk with God and not be conformed into the world. I trust God will use a loving heart like yours to hold up those in need of God and His loving presence. I know that God will be watching over you in knowing of your goodness and willingness to obey His will. I will pray His comfort in the Holy Spirit and His joy will fill you everyday to strengthen you for His will and purpose there.

(BLABLABLA -im gonna fast forward)

Life is a challenge indeed. I am ever grateful to our Lord for His grace and love to help me get my perspective in life according to His wisdom. I cannot imagine life without His truth and His guidance. For example, I went on line to book Jetstar to Melbourne and when i was about to click to pay RM 7350 for me and Herman for March trip, i prayed and somehow could not click. instead i was prompted to call Herman first. He was shock at the so call budget travel price and told me we might as well go on MAS for that rate. Thank God! for as usual He helped me before my blunder. In God I will put my trust and hope and pray for His clear direction. Amen.

So now can you see why I'm annoyed! I was hoping for something that would make me feel like it came from home, not something taken from the Bible or a testimonial from The-Fallen-But-Now-In-Salvation Club.

And did you see the last part where I put in Italics. Hello mom! I love you to bits and all, but I don't think that kinda pricing needs Divine Intervention to tell you it's NOT a bargain price.

Oh goddess! my mom needs to star in her own show! I'd call it :

Religiously Blonde~

no wonder I've been voted as Most Likely to have a Blonde Moment on facebook. Cruella! I am after all part blonde. (loves you mom- May you never ever read this blog))

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