Friday, 28 September 2007

Melbourne Show

I woke up after 4 hours in bed. The sunlight was peeking in through my windows.

I looked like backside- after it had been sat on for hours.

I put on my face and lots of sun block so that I wouldn't die of skin cancer, threw on my face got my sun glasses and prepared for a sunny spring day at the Royal Melbourne Show- the Carnival fair thing they have each year.

I walked out was a scene from a sad movie. Gloom and doom! I honestly don't know why it never feels like that when it's cloudy in Malaysia.(mostly I'd feel happy the sun is dead).-but it just felt moody.

I met up with the Fiona and Hon Wai duo, and we Happy three friends went off to the fair..
As you can see the sky wasn't exactly smiling, but it was such a fun place. I can't remember the last time I was at a fair. Lights swirling, children laughing and Carnies (carnival people) swindling.

Me and Fiona happily bought angel halo's and walked around the fair looking like angels of idiocy. (nah Fi, you looked pretty!) I was totally wowed by the whole vibe of the place.

The best part is the Showbags! I feel so ashamed to say so, but i blew so much money on what was basically fun costume things. Such odd bizarre clothing article can't be worn in real life unless It's Halloween, a dress up party or a fashion show designed by my sister.

Well at least I can say I've done my Christmas shopping. Have you? hmm?

I bought sooo much that I had to buy a trolley bag to carry it back! LOL! and you should have seen the stares we got as we lugged our stuff up the train. Seriously. Me and Hon wai looked like we just robbed Santa Claus and his rowdy gang of clowns.

As if that whole day of crowd swimming wasn't tiring enough, we got back to my place and played Mahjong till 9 am!!! oh santa Maria! how 'grandmother' of us-

Don't learn from me. :P

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