Monday, 1 October 2007

Project Procrastination

I should really do a degree on Procrastination and Fatenation. The study of being slow and growing fat. Basically the professor would be a pig.

Holidays is OVeeer... Haih sien. HAte it. I need a holiday again now.
My class mate/Team mate that I just became friends with after coming here has won the Advertising student of the year award! I'm not sure how big a deal it is, but to win an award is like.WOw.

Ok maybe some of you people have always been an overachiever. A whole string of A's (Ass) to tie around your neck, enough medals to use as tiles for your floor and award cups to use as your kitchen drinking glasses.

I've had a few. 3 from my primary school. 1 from my high school. That's it. I didn't even get to receive the one in High School with glory as I mistook the 7am timing for 7 pm.

YES! I went there 12 hours late when everyone had already left, into an empty hall to accept my prize from thin air.Worst still, my mom and aunt were there to witness my moment.


Anyway, it kind of made me feel a little frustrated as I'm supposed to be in my element here. If I still do not excel in something I'm passionate about. I must be the loser of losers man.

So it's time to SHINE! Must boost my creativity. Ok here goes!
Words i think are cool cuz they rhyme:

Paedophile Crocodile
Jack on Crack
Luck,Suck and F*ck a Duck.
Nipple people.

ok...I should stop, I am obviously going down the wrong track here....OOh one more.- Shaza's CreAture FEAture!

Ok now to my work. I have two big projects to do..One is due like tomoro, and I'm only starting now. And one is due...pretty soon I'm sure. (great' don't even know the deadline- just beautiful royce.)

The first one is for Casio. Now most people have an idea of what this brand is, -Calculator,watches, digital stuff. (CORRECT!) but if I ask you what's the first Watch brand you'd think of - I get : Swatch, Fossil, Seiko and Cartier (wah this Fi ah)

Ok trying to capitalize on their eco-friendly philosophy. I've come up with this=
Pun played on the word Watch. Watch the company grow and The company grows watch. yeap I'm good. I know.

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