Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Melbourne Tour

Finally, I've come around to blog about the sights of Australia. It just took me Eons to lug my heavy ass DGSLR Cam around and to take them. Then come back, load them and photoshop them small enough to load onto the website.


And It's all for you guys. Here's a virtual tour of Melbourne by Royce.

Welcome to Melbourne
My University is huge, with it's campus spread out all over the city. There are literally 100 over buildings under their power and I trust I can't see it all even if I wanted to.

Before I came over to Aussieland, I read about the beautiful architecture of well-restored Victorian buildings. Well,Hell if I know what that means. I guess this is an example...I think.

The streets are made for walking and the views are always lovely. Even their shophouses look classy. You definitely won't mistake the scene for Malaysia.
As you walk along the clean streets, you'll notice quite a few street performers. Some ToTally Bizarre!..and some amusing and almost worth giving money to.(this one is not though, He looks like he's smoking a giant bong. but it's an Australian blowhole thing.)

The main way to travel around here, is by tram. To be honest with you, my idea of a tram here was totally WRONG! I thought it'd be open-roofed and you'd have to jump on as they flew pass you. Here's what It REALLY looks like

And as you saunter about the city, There's always gardens and neat bouquets of flowers by the road.

And they even automatically change as the seasons change. Sometimes all in a day.

It can get confusing sometimes.

Ok after this tour, now let's have a seat at the boulevard cafe like them Aussie's and have a chat.

As some of you know, I live in the same building as Fi-(Fionapets/Fairyona)
Now I hang out with her so much that she's become the number one wifey for now. And looking back I realise how I always had two at least. Always directly near me.
This is the first time I only have one.
Since High School I had: ( no particular order- more like similar time periods)

(Not accurate*)

Am I missing anyone? (don't worry if your name's not here, I'm close to many. But these are like the major pairs that i remember, and we know Royce dun got good memory)

So now I'd say the one i see practically everyday is only Fi. So strange not to have a pair for the first time.

But I love Fi now just like I love so many of you guys in my life. I've thinking alot about those who were really important in my life. Because me and Fi and a bunch of her friends chatted one night.We went from Religion to Ghosts. From Abortion to Most important people in Life.

I admire Fi for being able to just list the ten most important people in her life and list them out in the open. I know that's pretty hurtful for those who are not listed (I was listed on Fi's btw.) So I'd rather not put it out in the open.

But I really think I'm lucky to have had so many close friends in life.
Loves: Fiona,Shaza,Samantha,Rachell,Jeannette,Christle,Winson,Cynthia,Sheryl,Jeannette,Tim,Teresa,Wendy,Lilian,Jonathan,
Heck even those that I'm no longer close with like Amanda,Lyvia,Luke...Mika!


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