Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Da Noyze of Royze

recently I have been muted to the buzz of a bee...(meaning I haven't been doing much online)

Why? because I've been happy-ing at Rachell's Sabbie's and Peijien's! YEAH!
It always feels so eventful there, especially now that our holidaze has started and we're going to go back to KL soon.

I think it's more of a blatant reason to celebrate. like " ooh! we're gonna leave Melb, lets celebrate!, Ooh,It's our last day in australia, CELEBRATE. ooh! we're back in Malaysia, Celebrate!."

wow such Roycelebration.

Im gonna post a few pics of events like Rika's birthday, pics mostly taken by Rachelle

can you say "Sex and the city"? we are the sex, you are the city

I love it, you can see the "Seriously partying hard" expression~
and like Our gestures are like "There's a party over here, there's a party over there! party everywhere!
Me and the Lady herself, Rachell
She's sooo talented, drunk already but can still take such gorgeous pics. (of Flaming Lamborghini's)

The Flaming Lambo's were Jacky's treat.
I look like a demon sucking his soul out! Muahaha. Happy Halloween!
Don't learn from Royce!~


KiMmY PoTteR said...

omg royce! wat happened to your straight hair?? haha

rachell said...

quote levin; 'his hair structure is too strong and stubborn' . thts why it bloom once more LOL