Friday, 2 November 2007

Helloween - Trick or Threat

Today will be my sixth day of drinking. I have been drinking for every night of the week. It has been a constant barrage of alcoholism through the days, to the point that I can no longer differentiate the days.

So this is a visual diarrhea. (I'll try to group them in same days...or at least close to it)

Living with the 3 girls, 2 dogs and 1 more guy; it sure feels like there's a lot going on and a lot of potential for havoc.

As usual, I'm ever the excitable fun stirrer.

I wish to upload more pics from the First day of alcoholism~

(Make Up Artist Tip)
Something I picked up from watching celebrity make up sessions, use white eyeliner to lighten the corner edges of your eyes and the ends of your eyes to make yourself look more awake!

Brought to you by Roycellicious and Rachellicious

And in the mornings, we would have a little booze left in our brains, swirling and bubbling. Making us act like Bizarre Bombs.

At night we went for a buffet dinner at crowns.

I of course had my usual problem with P.PEAS ( Preening Peacock Syndrome)
But since I hadn't gone home for awhile, I was low on nice clothes to wear and the rest were dressing up.

So as soon as we met up with Jacky, he pointed out that I was too casual which made me feel totally BLAH!

You don't critique someone with P.PeaS! urghhh!

the buffet, I was sooo annoyed with him! I put on a sour face.

Haha, but after much Merajuk-ing (pouting), He must have noticed. LOL.

But anyway, Food makes me happy, So I wouldn't have stayed pissed long either. HAHA :D

Then later we'd have our own Alice-in-Wonderland Beer Garden Party
Gary,Sabrina, Rachell, Eric, Jacky and I had drunk ourselves silly with the game "Indian Poker"

each round, the loser had to drink up the whole cup. but they made the most putrid combinations evar!
They mixed so many types of alcohol that it would probably be illegal to serve them in Bars.

Meetings : DAILY

And once again morning when morning comes. We'll go:

Then I'm not sure if this is what happens but I think Halloween arrived
I waddled all the way home with my heavy bags to restock on my "STAY OVER" equipment.
And came back all ready to

Trick Or Threat

not a spelling error on my part. It was my cousin who does not spell very well, but said it on MSN, and I found that it made sense.

Loves it.
Such energy, Such robust emotions.
Again, the Alcoholics Association went over to Jacky& Gary and Mr Small Miau's new house to have a small party

We played all sorts of games

HadAll Sorts of Booze

And even had all sorts of make - believe drama. (well, some may have been real) Or perhaps I'm just trying to sound scandalous.

We Definitely had fun.

I don't remember which nite this happened on, but we also had a super fun karaoke.

As Usual. we were one big DRUNK bubbly bunch.

Rach was so drunk, she took a can of nuts and ran to everyone shouting

"NUTS!" "NUTS!" "nuts?"
and everyone was forced to take one.
She dropped the can in the end, and began to whine sadly.

OMg people. I just took like 8 hours to edit pics and blog! such tiu sing* sing*
You had better appreciate this post!
Don't learn from me.


savante said...

Looks like a fun time! Just don't start driving, you hear!

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HI IM BACK WITH A NEW URL. clicky click! muacks <3