Friday, 9 November 2007

Tuck some Luck

Once again I've been up to no good.
besides heavy shopping. Let's see what this naughty angel has been up to.
I went to eat really yummy food, and like, I now realise my favourite type of cuisine is FUSION
uh huh! Think about it, it's got the whole east meets west, Melbourne meets Malaysia idea to it. Royce = Asian Body + 'Western' mind. Loads of meat with loads of spices is just a recipe for heaven.

Anyway I also had my own Hotpot with the gang of Leonard, Pei Jien and Cherrie ! yippeee... But hor, can you imagine the stupiakness of ours?

We were buying more ingredients after buying some meat from the asian grocery store. We were preparing to have a yummy hotpot. We even invited a friend to join us. THen hor,

kua kua kua....

We forgot that we didn't even have a hotpot! Such bodohness of us! Osh Kosh B'gosh!

but in the end, thank goodness Cherrie offered to let us use her hotpot.
It was one of the yummiest cheapest meals I've had for a long time.

The streak of alcoholism went on from my last post up till a karaoke night. seriously lor, its so not healthy. So i decided to stop for a few days for now.

So to become healthier, we decided to play texas hold'em poker; but not with money, nor alcohol.....but

By Making the Losers EXERCISE!

Thatsssss RIGHT! each player gets ten chips (which were mahjong tiles since we didn't have the poker chips with us) and each time you needed to reload you would have to do 20 push up's and another ten for each time you go bankrupt.

So most of them were really nervous. I however saw this as a blessing of life! how often can you see exercise as fun?

But lo and behold, I won the first five rounds straight, continuously! everyone hated me!So I kept quiet and I made a pyramid with the amount of tiles I had. Everyone hated me EVEN more! thinking I was flaunting it in their faces; when I was just being creative.

Then I was still so nice ah, I started to tell them if i think I was winning or not so they'd bet accordingly. But still they got even pissier, saying that I don't have to show off and they didn't need my charity~ such wtf-ness.

Finally, after a few rounds of vicious poker playing. I was down by alot as Leonard bet a motherload, took a risk and won.

everything came down to the last round. We decided that the game would end if Me or Jacky, (the only ones that have NEVER done any push ups while some of the others had already done a total of 90 push-ups.). The game ends when one of us loses.
Leonard had already amassed his own mini building of tiles. while Jacky wanted to screw me up by doing a show hand.

I kept quiet as a mouse. Humble, submissive. I threw in the amount they wanted as the two were laughing away at my apparent demise. Jacky cackled triumphantly as he opened his pair of kings. He began his victory dance like an Australian aborigine.

I looked at him, looked back at my cards and gently opened them as if they were feathers.

10 10 10....

you could hear a pin drop as they stared at my triple 10's. Then everyone shouted out of pure shock and surprise,Jacky went BERZERK, cursing the heavens in futility !!

They never saw it coming.

LOL~ I won all of these!

and Jacky had to do his push ups...LOL

I did some push-ups too for fun anyway. Gosh what a grand grand victory. even though I was being hunted down by them all, I still came out on top in the end. LOVe it.

Thanks Lady luck
~never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway~

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