Sunday, 11 November 2007

I deal with Ideals

Currently I've returned to my humble abode, far away from the inner city. After much partying and going to extremes, I figured it's time to quieten down and do some soul-searching.

I look into my mind, look at my priorities, think of my goals....
Time to deal with my own ideals. (I came up with such a clever pun that I put it as my post title)

and then, My mind goes astray.

As usual.

I begin to think of things that don't make sense, I practice my skill at lateral thinking.

I think of things that you people would consider nonsense, but I find it such a greatly puzzling and deep thought.
For example:

What does Spongebob Squarepants mean?

A natural sea sponge isnt square in the first place.

And then why are the pants squared? How are they squared?

I did this on illustrator, I know, so much time to waste while everyone else is busy doing something productive or having exams.

except Fiona, we all know she's probably watching shows too. (only partially productive)

But anyway, I re-learned something really important to my future work.
Don't save artworks meant for on-screen viewing in CMYK format. Everything to be printed in CMYK... everything to be viewed on a screen = RGB!

OMg such an important lesson.

Or else, my future works would have continued to look like this=
Damn scary right. Like a Ju-On /Saw IV version of spongebob squarepants.

Now for some comic relief-
Here is some laughter therapy from the Prince of laughterintherain himself : ROYCE!
wahaha. I actually stole this from Xia xue's blog but it's alrite. I forgive her.

Anyway time to return to the dose of the post:
Remember the indian on posted here long ago, This is another one, this time, with a better song!

LOL: I see the Nun's are gay~
I like to swim in his PEEEEEEJAAaaaaaayY!

The Japanese Transformer

LOL: Oh shiiiit I knew your son!

The Russian Dancers

I think their dancing is hilarious too! it's like Santa's mad elves trying to breakdance like a bunch of evil geniuses. (Ohohohohohoho)

LOL: Please respect the caviar!
Dont you think I'm cool in tights? Oh ho ho ho ho


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