Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Gosh Dosh

Five days and counting

Yeap people. I'll be heading back to the sunny side up country of malaysia.

to be boiled alive~

I don't think i'm gonna like the weather after having a permanent outdoor air conditioner.

Anyway,last minute shopping is abuzz in my mind. What shall I bring home for my friends?
Originally I even had a Skateboard to bring home, but after looking at it and then at my own suitcase....I gave it to my cousin who lives here.

Sigh, I feel like getting this wallet for my dad. Its called Dosh and it's the world's first polymer wallet.

It can do these amazing feats.

Looks like an all round cool wallet. But, would my dad even use it? wouldn't it seem to hip for him? wouldn't it look better on me? am I just using my dad as an excuse to buy myself gifts?

all these important sensible questions pop in my mind as I make large bouncy thought bubbles above my head.

Furthermore, I don't seem to be preparing to leave at all! Just today I went out with Yan Lynn and caught up with her for all those years. it was so fun. Then I went to play poker with Ee Lynn and her fun friends,and watched shows with her till 7 in the morning.

The big joke of the day was when we were sitting in McDonalds for supper after having drinks at Rooftop bar, and a beggar came up behind me.
He droned" Hey Give me some marrrneey,. I need Marney!" while he extended his scruffy hands.
I was paralyzed. I eyed my wallet on the table and eyed Lynn's. we were both afraid for the welfare of our dear wallets. Then he surprisingly said "I need money, I don't want this."

And he poured coins on our table with disdain and left!

We were given money by a beggar!

seriously. we told the group next to us,whom gave the money to the beggar in the first place that their money was rejected by the beggar. LOL much to their dismay.

whatever happened to the phrase "Beggars can't be choosers." ?
well now, apparently they can. They want it in freshly minted bank notes now.

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