Saturday, 17 November 2007


With only 2 days left to go, the seconds tick ever closer to the moment of my departure.

Am I ready?

I have not finished packing
I have not finished cleaning
I have not found a place to stay when I get back
I have not completed my souvenir shopping
I am not READY!

I have however been falling sick!!!!
ARGH! of all the wonderful times to fall sick. Not during winter, not during my free time, but just before I get back home...
And.....I found out I gained weight!!! ARRRRGH!H!!!!! this is sooo not happening!
This is my latest picture
This is so unfair, Since I'm already looking like this,I should be spared from sickness.
But I think I have a cough or sore throat. Thank goddess I know a little bit of natural medicine and healing. For those of you who don't know.

Here is a sure-fire way to get out of that whole whooping-coughing-hacks funk that we are bound to get once in a while.

And like I always say, Laughter is the best medicine, yet people still die laughing.
And I really almost died laughing watching this one.
J.LO and Beyonce and David Beckham

listen when the old men appears on the hologram.They gave translations for the hokkien part but it's alll WRONG!
I'll provide the real translation .

subtitle: Guang zhong men (mandarin:hey audience), Siau jie (mandarin: hey Miss),Zha Boh Lang (Hokkien:Womenkind),giau ze'eh kia (Hokk:with this son).Greetings honourable ladies.
Lu lang ki to lo?(hokk:Where are you going?) Pepsi bar! Choi ha mi lang (hokk:Who are you choi-ing?) Goh buay hiau gong (Hokk: somemore don't know how to say) Ah Ma in Mission! *looks pissed*

LOL! fuckatitis! can laugh till I die!

so what he was really saying was:
:"Hey audience,hey miss ,womenkind, and this son. Greetings honourable ladies. Where are you going? Pepsi bar! Who are you choi-ing? Somemore don't know how to say. Ah ma in Mission!"

Sigh,not feeling well. But at least I can look forward to the shopping for souvenirs part.
take care of yourselves.
Sayonara Au revoir

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