Thursday, 25 October 2007

Light and Fluffy

Everytime I begin to blog, I always tell myself
"Royce, keep it Light and fluffy, stuff it with entertaining poof that would make even the Ah Beng's and Ah lian's (malaysian colloquial for extreme chinkies) interested."

Honestly, I wonder why I bother with the amount of readership I'm getting.
I should be blogging for myself, and then the readers and fame will come as a bonus. But mostly. I should really stay focused on getting my thoughts down.
After all, a blog is merely the pages of your past, written memories and an outlet for emotions.

Having said that. I have just justified my own need for a good bitching.

Don't you just hate it when you want to impress someone badly? Is it an animal thing that we preen and puff up our feathers whenever we KNOW we are going to meet the person we like? even if its just for a short meet-up, we are willing to stand in front of the mirror for hours to give a the person just a passing view of your own groomed image.

I have recently encountered this problem and I just can't help it. I have...the preening peacock syndrome. P.PEAS!

I obsessively think about looks whenever the person is mentioned. I struggle with what to wear, and even find myself copying the person's style! Ugh, Saint Gisele Bundchen and Mother Sarah Jessica Parker please forgive me.

P.PEAS is a disease i tell you! and should be avoided at all cost... well, maybe just a little grooming wouldn't hurt. But don't you think a person should like you for who you really are? How dare they cause us to act in such an effort consuming way? Do you know how much it hurts to get your brows plucked so you don't look like Salma Hayek in Frida?

A person should be able to accept you for your flaws and beauty as well. Not purely on your good points.That's why all fairy tales are such
The Princes are always charming, handsome, quiet and well-mannered.Except Aladdin,but he was a beggar.
Princesses in those stories are always so lovely,adorable and perfect. Never fugly, emo or even PMS-ing.It's like their vaginas don't really work.

Real Princesses should look like this: (Stolen from Pei Jien's Laptop background image.)

(AY>? Alice in wonderland is a princess meh? she looks more like a girl in ugly blue french maid uniform. You go Aurora! show her what a real princess is made of!) ( I realise they forgot Fa Mulan! this is Racism I tell ya!)

Anyway...It's great to let out some steam.
Smack on the bum,go drink some rum.


lyv said...

hahahahahah i love that pic

emo princess said...

lolz, aurora does rock...cindy's overdoing it to a bit much, eh? from the thumbnail i saw, i figured someone had drawn a beard on her