Monday, 22 October 2007

Sad Surprise

I'm no longer feeling sad for now, But I WAS upset.

It was actually due to a letter from my parents. But I learnt that we need to be able to accept what your parents think and say, though it may be hurtful.

I refused to reply them with a sad letter. I refused to throw a tantrum at them. So instead, I expressed my displeasure through msn, through facebook and various types of media.

What i was surprise at was the fact that I was putting out a cry for attention unknowingly. Another surprise was the people who answered it. Most of them were those I didn't expect to bother with me, while those I expected it from didn't realize it even.

What touched me is that they came to me knowing I was upset and willingly asked about it, and offered comfort. I don't know if I could do the same so easily.

So a big thanks to Loh E-Jian for your kind word. Sasha (winson's sasha) for listening to my rants. Evonne Chia who encouraged me and reminded me of the Shidio's love. hehee.

Tim, who did his best to make me feel better with his advice and words.Of course my Darling Samantha who told me she even cried for me after I poured my complaints to her. Well apparently she had her cried later when she faced a Gi-normous traffic jam,that certainly would be the kind of thing that causes emotional outbursts.

I also thought it was sweet that Chin Hou and JT asked how I was doing. That was one totally unexpected thing there. But chatting with him and JT did take my mind off the Blah things I was upset about. So its all good. Jonathan Chai too who helped me so much with my story writing assignment.

Aww my friends are so sweet. Love you guys.

Thanks my angels. I feel happy that you guys are there. It made a difference.
I'm alright now, I just took some steps in the wrong direction.

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