Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fiona's Birthday

Fairyiona's Birthday

12 Days Ago~ It was Fiona's birthday. But nope, we celebrated it two days before that.

two weeks ago, it was Fiona's birthday party,Looking back at it now, I can feel the weariness from then till all the way here in the present. Why? you ask-- Because I put soooo much effort in it! Yes I did!
(I bought that banner)
I was so busy, I felt like the emotionally stressed and physically stretched White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland... Serving the chinese version of the Queen of Hearts. (I bought her the Tiara.)
And gave myself the Bunny ears! = : )

Let's take a look at the evidence...or Cheerful event, whatever, same difference
I think that I managed to make everyone happy and joyful,especially Fiona. as I really fully used my skills in art and crafts (or lack of) to do it.
Her Highness opens her present in glee

I made Fiona a Personal portrait!
Hand painted with poster colours and water colours + Flowers + room fragrance

I know! Omg rite, this the first time I put so much effort into making a present lor, No idea why I so semangat. But people, don't get your expectations up..You'll be disappointed.

Finally, I was the bunny Bartender for this whole group of people, and made sure everyone was tipsily happy on my own cocktail mix (The Royce Royale) .Oooh fed them alcohol till they were singing away, waking the dead in the cemetery opposite our building.-

Hehe, I really like this whole group though,so having my alcohol sucked dry was ok. Funny that I came to another country to make friends from my own country.

Omg ! and hor, Those who read about Fiona's episode of dying lights- Just as soon as her lights got fixed, I left my apartment to go up to hers, flipped the switch and

PAAP!* (the light bulb burst!)
No more lights in the kitchen/entrance.
Aiya ! what kind of life is this!? honestly! Is this some kinf of serial lightbulb burster creature feature that's screwing with me....(and my lightbulb)?

Like Sasha says "This SUCKS BALLS!"

Musique Prescription: Fade - Solu Music ft. KimBlee (introduced by Tim)

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