Monday, 15 October 2007

Art Fart

Ugh I really should stop cooking for myself as i can never seem to make a meal without sending myself to the toilet.

Great Goddess! my stomach is growling like a polar bear on crack!

Sigh, i miss my green journal that i used to write in. I brought it with me to school and wrote there and then, while the emotions were raw,burning and uncompromised. Of course, I was a teen back then and everything was an episode in my own dramedy.

Today on the other hand, I've bummed around and have only a few art works to show for it.

Yep guys, this is my art fart.

I sat on my bum and pulled out some plums. What a good boy am I.

This was not blue but orange when i uploaded it. I dunno what screwy magic happened when it was uploaded, but it looks ok anyway. It was something I threw together while teaching my cousin how to use illustrator.

These are my hand drawn stuff.

I think I draw so much better with a reference. It's annoying that I can't draw it straight from my mind. Like kyle Xy...he can use pointilism to recreate anything from his photographic memory.

Blah I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about anyways. This is just another way to procrastinate and not do my work.

Fine, I've run out of reasons to stay on. In addition, If I make this post too long, nobody will read it.

They'd scan through it like me.

Hugs and a smack on the bum! see ya!

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