Sunday, 14 October 2007


The internet can be a powerful tool

I sometimes use it to stalk people..Wahaa I know I'm such a perve.
But seriously, you can find a lot of info and clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

e.g. : When you thought the person is good looking from far. and then you somehow got their email address by hiding near their room and stealing it off the hotel register after pretending to be from the same room. After that you can search their email online and find their blog and realise they don't look as good as you thought, but you dont mind as the person has a good grasp of language and interesting ideas.

Of course, this is all just hypothetical.

Anyway, my point is it feels weird if someone out there is spying on you.

Through my website spy, I've detected 3 viewers who directly searched me and found this blog.
(I always monitor this on the off chance my parents find my blog)... =)

Anyway one of them searched "Roycetan blogspot" from here in Australia - that's either a Unimate or my cousin.

One searched 'Roycellicious" from United States. I hope this is christle or Belle or one of their siblings.

Finally someone searched "Prince Royce" From BELGIUM! What kind of strangeness is that?
The only friends I know from Belgium are Mr GuyLian who makes wonderful belgian chocolates for me....ok maybe not JUST for me... And maybe he's more like a brand...but still!

could it be possible there's a real PRINCE Royce out there? riding on a white horse..horsey..pony. (My little pony, My little pony~) omg I miss that cartoon.

Hey hey lets not get sidetracked!--- Who's this prince royce.

Whoever finds out and posts it up on the comments box gets a few bars of chocolate sent to them!

and to my Stalkers... I'm watching you!!! Nipple Cripple!

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