Thursday, 29 November 2007

Chameleon Posts 1

( in the style of Fiona Wu)


Listening to: Bubbly - Colby Caillat

I went fishing three days ago after my parents abducted me to the rural lands of ,Serendah.

It was sooo fun!

I caught the most fishes!

a total of Four Bacu fishes which are a cross between Piranha and Telapia ?

I don't know what species it is, but I know that after we fried and ate it,

It was yummy! and when we looked at it one last time.

we realise this fish had dentures.

The next day was spent in One utama where I had a facial!

I know, such a vain pot am I. But I'm worth it!~

Then we watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium where we sat like a cat and watched innocently like idiots recently. A Children's show,if you watch, you're a Ho.

Wow. I should be a Poet! Petpetnathan aside mr Shakespeare.

Another round of Settlers...NO it's Mage Cafe now! gosh! such an annoying difference.

And why is everything rhyming. Tuck,Suck and Fuck a Duck.

Ok to keep with Fiona's style. I must end it here since her posts are short.

And Royce wrote at:

I stole this from Jasiminne - the retired hag of a blogger. (lol,kidding dear,you know I love you)

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