Monday, 3 December 2007

Chameleon Post 2

"in the style of Samantha Tan"

ok now I've got to be witty and Humorous. gosh.

Looking back at the past few days, I realize that my family is quite comical.

These days, I've been spending time with my family alot, and that is HIGHLY unusual for me as some of you may know.

My cousin, Teresa has come back from London to stay with me. But I'm still used to calling her Meng due to her previous name, Meng Long. (I know right> what kinda name is that? sounds like a corny chinapet movie)

Anyway, she's had worse names , like Ah beng, which was always associated with "Chuu Tau Beng", meaning swollen pig's head in Cantonese.

My mother's side of the family certainly has a taste for strange names. As you can tell from my own name: Royce...The more unusual names on that side are
Ting Tong, Efflene (like F- lene), Candy,Ivan & Ivana,Li Tim (which is supposedly french), Hay Li, Rory (sounds like Lorry) and the list goes on...

Anyway, even my own mother has had TONS of name changes. These are what I remember of those disasters:

1. Lay Ching (her real name)
2. Anita (which came from her experimentation with Hinduism days)
3.(from her real chinese name came the initials) = L.C which became=
5. But hor, people called her L.C.L.Y which is short for Lan Si Lan Yong (canton for Dick-facedly Proud)
6. so she changed it to Laych
7. But no one could pronounce it, and most would end up calling her
8. Loooch! Lorch! Large! Leech!
9. which ended up with her latest invention
10. Laychi= sweet fruit of the spirit. (you know la, she very holy holy hallelujah)

I tell you She ALWAYS does that whole "I'm a gimmick" thing when she meets someone.
"You may call me Laychi (Lai'Chi) The Sweet"

so even me and my sister are not spared, Then she'll proudly present her own two children.

"And these are my very own, Rose Royce!"
*she waits for applause and standing ovation*
"cause I have no money to buy mah, So make my own lor."

my life is such a joke.

Speaking of jokes, here's a candid shot of us after we've played truth or dare and had eyeshadow all over our faces as punishment.I look like a Failed Harry Potter

Laugh With Me ~ Royce.

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