Thursday, 6 December 2007


Sorry, but I'm bored with the Chameleon posts idea, I think being myself,in my own style is the best. Besides, I was sooo not successful at portraying my idea.

Today, let's talk about levels.

What exactly do I mean?

like the LVL system in any game or RPG. The more you kill monsters, the more experience points you gain. So I'm talking about the degree of "gengness" of an ability and the experience you have in it.

Except, you apply this in real life. (come on y'all, say it with me.... OoooOOoooh~)

I want to talk about this because I've recently met quite a few "High Level" people.

One of them being my own young cousin. Ah xiong, or as We have recently named him= Ryan

Ryan is only 11 years old, but he is almost as tall as me! He may look like he's just an overgrown tween, but he is actually a shockingly matured, kind and caring boy.I keep catching myself thinking - wow He would make a great dad already! I get sooo shocked when time and time again he surprises me by saying such smart and logical things.

While cousin Teresa totally fails~

EXAMPLE : I say "Let's play charades! " *goes into light explanation* Ok now let's each choose a topic or thing to act as."

Teresa:" What do you mean? like Chocolate? curry chicken?"

Me: " *stares incredulously at her* AIYOOOOH bodohsing! how to act like chocolate?! YOU ACT LA! SIAU POH!"

Xiong/ Ryan: "Oh nolah teresa, we should act like those superstars and famous people, right?"

ME: "Yeah Exactly!! omg Why are you sooo smart. See teresa! you should learn from him ah! people are so much more logical than you." (I know I sound damn bitchy but I was annoyed from such crap suggestions.)

Besides this, just yesterday we met a high level philosopher girl. She's Winson's friend and classmate, Natalie.

At first sight, Natalie looks like your average girl, studying Fashion Design, living in KL. but when we sat down at Sri Murni's to chat about life and death. She surprised me by showing how easily she understood what the whole Idea of philosophy was about; and to think I took a whole term in another country to learn it when it came NATURALLY to her.

later Teresa also told me how impressed she was with Natalie. She said that she thought she herself was a high level meditative buddhist/Karma person, but Natalie seemed to understand the buddhist philosophy even better than her.

Aiya dunno la, this is all so Heroes. Like siau poh Juliana. High level at almost everything. Petpetnathan betul. I remember in high school, she would just be the star of everything, practically dominating our whole's school's competition. The thing that bugs me most

These skills come naturally to them

Nevermind, I'm sure I'm a natural high-level creature of something.

perhaps posing?
Nah, Alia is the Queen of camwhoring.

However,I'm pretty sure Eating is one of my High Level skills! Perhaps even reaching the "Heroes" level.
(taken at the "Remember To Eat" restaurant) Teresa watched in awe as I consumed a Wan Tan mee, Fried Oyster Egg, Asam Laksa, Boxing chicken, Beggar chicken, Dim Sum, some bubur chacha and finally a whole Honeydew loh loh by myself. And still have room for Pasar Malam food later.)

Plus I'm sure i'm also a Hero at having Fun!
" Yeah, by the way, I've cut my hair"

but I'm glad we each have our own unique abilities, so we don't look like a bunch of hamsters..Alike and almost impossible to differentiate. furthermore We'd all have the list of abilities that says:
Eat,sleep, act cute and poop alot.

I'm a high level creature!- Royce

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den said...

ya it's good to be urself! recently i was talking bout levels with my event planner lecturer! such coincidence! Sometimes people will react to the gentle whisper of danger but some may have to see the message. Some may have to wait for the problems and danger that lies ahead only they will noe but sadly some will have to experience the disaster only then they knew they have to do something. Different people act in different ways and reacted to the situations.To me i feel that the road need to be understand and traveled by yourself to make you the person who you are now. I love this post of urs!