Monday, 10 December 2007

The Days of Our lives

should remain happy always.

These few days back in KL, 20 to be exact, have been such an orgasmic and eventful time. I think I would look back and smile at these memories.

So future Royce whom will one day read these records, your life was sooo fun man. You're so blessed, I''m jealous of whatever you've gone through already since writing this post. I bet it's super fun n pleasurable.

Man! Blogger better not lose all my posts or else I will soooo Fcuk Tiu them!
The Best Part of the holidays so far is: Spending time with my cousins who came to stay with me.

The incessant laughter I've had with the people around me.
The familiar faces I get to see again.
The feeling of being surrounded by people I can be myself with.
Knowing the old folkers of the past are handing over the power over to my generation.

My fav day was the one I where I had Cousin Sean come from Klang to visit me and Teresa staying with me,
I brought Rose along too for once then went to support Shidios food Bazaar
Fai Fai Wan Sek (which I'm proud to say I creatively named)
Here's their poster:

Oh man, I almost made them CMYK, RGB mistake again

Then from there,I picked up Shaza and Jun Tseng to go to Mage Cafe (Settlers) to meet Winson,Alwyn,Natalie and Julie.

For the first time, I had a huge group of 10 playing together. The best part is, I didn't plan it and everyone could click together.

Such a wonderful happy feeling lor that I brought so many people together. Felt like a cute personal party. Then we played this super super fun game! man I love it lor. I think I'm gonna design it and sell it.

Other updates:
Parents back from Krabi
I'm starting my internship at Leo Burnett tomorrow!
For those of you who don't know, Leo Burnett is an internationally famous Advertising agency.
But I heard that most internships are tough as shit. I'm bracing myself.
My office shall be in Menara Olimpik? or Olympic in the center of KL.
I'll have to be up at 7am to get to work by 8.30 am cuz I'm gonna LRT myself down to Masjid Jamek and walk to the building next to Telecom Museum.

Man, I'm working already. Life is moving too fast. at least I managed to enjoy as much as possible before slavery time.

Ok better sleep now. Early slave morning tomorrow.
Dreams of Pleasure to you.

and now for the surprise,after acting like I forgot:
from then....

Till Now.... I literally followed you to another country. when we grow old, we'll take our tongkats and go lim teh!

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