Monday, 10 December 2007

On the internSHIP

Journals from the Internship


The First Day

the day drags on as i am left here alone on my desk,observing the thick advertising book on my desk, wondering how my intern-ship mate - Nafisah- is doing in her project meeting. The computer time displays 4.05pm. It's near the end of the day.

*The clock on the wall swings its hand back to 9 am*

I stood nervously at the base of the immobile escalator,wondering if the office was open at all.
An impatient man huffed and puffed his way up the escalator beside me. He stared down his nose at me.

I walked up the last flight of escalator towards the smoke-screened plastic door of the Office of Leo Burnett.

A frumpy looking maid opened it, frowned through narrowed eyes and said "Nak apa?"

I whispered "erm...I nak..masuk."

She seemed to think that that was reason enough, and unwillingly opened the doors as if it were the gateway to her treasure chest.

I walked in and went to the breakfast table. And humble spread was put on the table. I took a plate and filled it slowly while eyeing the people around me. Feeling as nervous and vulnerable as a newborn baby hippopotamus.

I politely asked a group that sat on the couch if i could join them, thinking it a smart thing to be ultra friendly and nice. there was an old dignified lady who carried herself like a teacher would. A young girl who seemed down to earth and bubbly. And a malay man who seemed proper and reserved.

I couldn't decide how to act among them, Should I act humble? act fun and friendly? or Prim and Proper?

I just sat and listen.

Then came the guy who brought me to my desk...a sad empty desk in the dark corner of the building. Where spiders go to play....
The lady who was in charge of my internship wasn't around. I was alone, afraid and nervous.
Then came the sound of shuffling feet behind me...I turned to this a rather pretty Malay girl that reminded me a lot of Alia.
Her name is Nafeesah. After that, we both sat down and began to chat...

2 hours later.

The boss comes in. Nafeesah gets called to join this meeting. Apparently I'm in another project group, So I stay alone here.

which brings me back to now.

This ain't such a bad job If I'm just required to go online and chat.
Pretty cool! hehehe

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