Thursday, 13 December 2007

Journals before the internShip...

...were always very fun and free.

It's still fun..just no free time whatsoever.

I begin to drift off into memory lane. playing a movie in my head of earlier days.

Following my mom to her dinner.

Going to my uncle's Wedding, being the camera man

Watching their cute cute presentation of them telling their CORNY love story.
all brides should be so cute.

Following my dad to his Carlsberg appreciation dinner thing. such blah

So much free beer. James or Homer Simpsons Happy dream.

Where else can you see such a typical beer commercial set up. I just couldn't help myself

Tadaaa! The new Carlsberg ad.Omg, so my dad's kinda event lor. they featured guys in drag as beatles.

Man...till I'm free~

from the lost seas, this is your internSHIPmate writing.
see you & Bon Voyage.

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