Thursday, 22 November 2007


this ain't a story about a homecoming queen, It's a story about a homecoming ME.

The plane carrying me, Fiona and Hon Wai (plus a few hundred insignificant passegers) flew smoothly into the good ol' muddy land of Kuala Lumpur (*literally translated as Muddy Estuary)

The strange thing is, I feel like I never even left. Unlike most of my friends who were pretty eager to get back here to taste the simple pleasures ,....NAY not simple...The FANTASTIC Pleasures of Malaysian cuisine, I simply did not have that yearning.

I concluded that it must have been that I've only been gone for 3 months and 3 weeks. So, it simply feels like a long realistic dream that I woke up from.

The First Day
as soon as I landed, My dad and family were anxiously waiting for me by the return-from-another-country entrance hall. My dad points at a random slim stranger
"There he is!"
Mom looks and shakes "no!, that's not him."

Dad scans and squints eyes "Ah there!. Waaaah he lost so much weight."

Mom "no,that's not him either."

Dad points at a scrawny indian guy "ah ok,finally he's here."

Mom :" Aiyoooh,get your glasses checked la.That's an indian guy la."

After two more mistakes by my dad, I finally walk through the door. I first see Fiona's entourage of friends who have come to pick her, I was soo proud and amazed for her. Difficult to find people who'd wake at 5 am to come to the airport to pick u up.

Then I see my dad. I wave at him. He IGNORES me! then he squints and finally accepts that this not-so -slender form is his own son. (pffft* just cuz I was making myself seem pitiful and they thought I'd be some starving asian refugee in Melbourne.)

Yep, his first comment : "wah, you gained weight ah."

* xO thanks dad..

As I waved goodbye to Fi,H.W and gang, I was whisked away straight to Klang to have BAK KUT TEH!... I of course Pigged out on Pork and porked out on pig to my heart's desire. Then My mom gives snide comments bout my eating habit.

It was winter ok! and don't get to do much activity....and the chocolates are really yummy. god...

So I gained a few pounds,I'm not proud of it, But I'll tell you what I'm proud of,---I cleaned my room!

seriously when I first stepped into my old room, even though it's only been less than four months, I was shocked at how bad my taste was. I instantly hated my room and wanted to pull my Australian room out of thin air. So I cleaned like a raving bitch.

Then the first call in Malaysia from My Sweetums Venus Vanilla Selection, Shaza and J.T. I was surprised and happy, and immediately we set up a sleepover for my very first night. (I was glad to be out of that room)

Samantha drove them over, and we had dinner at T.G.I.Fridays. it felt like I had never left, we picked up where we left off, had lots of laughs and were enjoying ourselves.

Finally, when I got back home to HQ, I was surprised to see the wall decorated with this~
aww such sweetums.
We had such a looooong sleepover talk that it was 6 am already by the time we slept.
As for the next day...tune in tomorow.

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