Saturday, 19 July 2008


The ancient greek scholar Archimedes would shout "Eureka!" at celebrate a discovery,
something like "Hurray!" in modern terms.

Funny how that name means so many things in modern times, The Eureka Towers of Melbourne being one of them.

Just as winter sets its claws into the city, I remember clutching my jacket tightly and hoping my fingers wouldn't freeze off onto the floor.
The queue snaked out of the entrance and spilled out onto the cold, concrete pavement.
The line quickly went forward however, the all-to-familiar procedure was just another day to the staff.

We entered the fastest elevator in southern Australia, or maybe the southern hemisphere.
We looked at the unusual lack of buttons for the elevator of such a tall tower, and found that it went 1,2...85! 86!

I'm sure some sort of witchery was involved in the next few moments as I hadn't even finished taking a photo of the buttons before I realized , we'd already reached the top floor.

Everyone was cheerful because...

The view was spectacular.

And the story can't go on as my pictures won't get uploaded by my turtle speed internet.
God bless me...

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