Monday, 21 July 2008

Silmeria,Sirenoyce and Dorian Gray

Today, I finally got around to downloading one of those audiobooks that is a function of my ipod.

oh, how silly of me,I can't do that yet, I've been putting off the introduction of my darlings.

I've had my Ipod Classic 80Gb since before I just got back from KL - used ang pau money :'(
and I named it Sirenoyce (combo of Sirens, the mythic singing maidens of the sea and Royce)

Imagine my excitement when I finally got my online ordered item. a new ipod skin.
I chose this style because I love it, if I could imagine my soul in some sort of form, I'd say it looks like that= a liquid form of shifting light, swirling out into he comfortable darkness.

So I took Sirenoyce in its plain white rubber T-shirt
Stripped it to its original smooth aluminum skin.
And performed cosmetic plastic surgery.
successful face lift.
It's beautiful butt.

It's been a month plus since I got my 21st birthday present from my parents.
The infamous Mac book Pro
I named her Silmeria after the main character from Valkyrie Profile 2.
LinkHer smooth aluminum beauty hides her massive intelligence and cool processing abilities.
I now depend on her to run my life smoothly,
From Facebook,to Hotmail to Google. I just imagine life without her.

So back to my new discovery - the Audio book.
I found this website and downloaded the story of "The Picture Of Dorian Gray"

The novel tells of a incredibly beautiful young man named Dorian Gray, who was painted by an artist so infatuated with his beauty that he was inspired to create the best works of his life. Then Dorian meets the artist's friend who corrupts him into thinking that beauty and the fulfillment of the senses is the only thing worth pursuing in life. He then wishes that the amazing portrait of him would age rather than himself.
His wish is then granted and with it, an immortality. From then on, each immoral act and aging was reflected in the portrait instead of the real person...

The reader of the audiobook was at first, grating to my ears; then it became very well suited for each character he expressed. I think an audiobook is perfect for those who are Listeners like me.

I really love the story as I relate with it strongly. I will not lie, I desire everlasting beauty and life. To some it seems absurd,foolish and senseless, but like the story says :" The worst sins in the world are committed in the mind."

OOH guess what, While looking for a picture to go with this post, I found out that they're gonna film a modern remake of the story! starring Prince Caspian himself!

Guess it wasn't a random coincidence that I chose to download that story.

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