Thursday, 24 July 2008


It's a new term that has begun, everything feels hectic because you need to reset your sleep timing, your eating habits and even your mode of thinking.

I plan to do great things this term, a brand new start at the way I do things.

I really should be more organized and timely.

I've renewed this whole blog to give it a breath of fresh air.
This was inspired by Rachell's decision to renew her own "mouldy" blog , which I now feature as the Featured Site at the top.
Her new site is :

Today I pigged out at :

  • Gloria Jeans : 3.30-6.30 pm
  • Max Brenners : 6.30-7.45 pm
  • Crystal Jade : 7.45pm- 9.30 pm
  • Koko Black : 9.30- 11.00 pm

How To Lose Weight Like That?

Haih, where got people like me hor? others do shopping spree, I do coffee shop spree~

~Don't learn from me~ (this has been another lesson on what NOT to do from Royce)

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