Sunday, 27 July 2008

Job Application

As I made it no secret, this term I've decided to look for a part-time job...
In Melbourne,Australia

the thing is, It's not as easy as I thought.
It's true, when you leave your country, you leave your credentials, contacts and work life behind.

I've attended a seminar on the whole Permanent Residency application and Bridging Visa application.

It included a talk on how to apply for jobs over here.

A few tips that I found really useful are:

  • Use Logos in place of institute or company names
  • Join charitable organizations
  • Concentrate on importable skills
  • Apply to as many relevant companies as you can, as not every company is sure to reply or accept you.
  • Do background research on the company via website or other reliable sources.
  • Be presentable,confident and go see them in person
Example:Lets do a comparison.

See, It makes a difference with the way you present yourself.

So far, I've applied for Myers,L'occitane, Bodyshop, LifeFunkTV, MyCUBE, FCUK, and a few more.

only two replies... Sien.

well, hopefully all goes well. Currently, the job I want the, is the MyCUBE job, It's the first Board Game Cafe in Melbourne...

Settlers/Mage Cafe anyone? yeap, It's based on the same concept. And I thought I could be the first one to bring over that concept.

Ok everyone, Just to be clear, No one is allowed to compete with me for the jobs I've applied for. The best would be that no one goes looking so that my job market stays clear.

I'm Your Nemesis.

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