Monday, 28 July 2008

The Job Call

Today on Royce's Reality

11.30am : ~ Phone Rings
When i Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls
(When I was younger I would say, When I Grow up, I wanna be a star, I wanna be famous, I wanna....) [PussyCatDolls - When I grow Up] My Fav Song now. - Thanks Winson.

Royce: "*croaks* hello,...."

Phone: " hello, Is this Royce?"

Royce: "(no ah! dun disturb me, I wanna sleep!) ...Yes."

Phone: " Ah, this is Krysta from Demoplus ,you were referred to me by Alison. So Royce have you any work experience?"

Royce: "Yeah ,I know what Demoplus is, I worked at a similar company back where I come from."

Phone :" Oh, where are you from? if you don't mind me asking ."

Royce: "er....(Should I tell them? Will they think Malaysians live on trees and speak bad english and have an all round loser profile?) I'm from Malaysia."

Phone: "Oh."

Royce: (What does that mean? Was that an - Oh,I see? or an - Oh My Gawd ,I'm speaking to an Orangutan?)

Phone :" so what are you currently doing? and where do you live?"

Royce : " I study Advertising at RMIT, and I live in the city."

Phone: "Ahh! Great great. Ok Royce please come to the office in Box Hill on Wednesday. Write this down please. It's number 34-36, *Eulingwithe (didn't hear properly) Parade in Box Hill."

Royce : Writes on a note pad, "Erm, How do you spell that?"

Phone: "E...Double L...(repeats)L..I..N.G..Worth"

Royce: writes -[ E..(Doubleliew?) W..L..I..(and G?) ..G..With] = Ewligwith Parade

Phone:" alrite see you there, please bring your Tax File number,Superannuation and Bank Account Details. Bye."

Royce :"Alrite Bye" looks at notebook (Ok, that's Ewligwith Parade? Boxhill. Bring your Tax File Number,Superannuation and Bank Details...........

Why the spelling so weird one? Tax File Number? Do I already have one? I remember applying for a work permit but did it come together? What's super annuation? Super annual ang pau? Super Discount voucher? Superman? Haiya! Pharqatortoise!

*Goes back to sleep anyway*

Later found out on the website = Ewligwith Parade doesn't exist (wouldn't ya know it?)

It's actually Ellingworth parade.Ellingworth= Ewligwith>Only Royce can get such info.

I make the mistakes, you learn from it.

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