Friday, 25 July 2008

On an Imaginary Friday~

One day, I woke up and my mind had a slight buzz. My vision swam and body ached.

The phone rang, my love sent me a text message which brought a smile to my face. Not too bad a way to start the morning.

I realized that there were chores to do, and got up in a rush while rubbing "sand" from my eyes.
I looked out the window and big bright Air Balloons were sailing across the sky, bobbing like jellyfish against the blue expanse.

RMIT was buzzing with the students as usual, Bowen Lane was strewn with people strutting as if they were displaying haute couture on the catwalk. The usual showoffs.

I caught myself wondering if I'll ever get used to this environment as I still felt alien to these lands.

RMIT, The Rare Magick Institute of Tomorrow has always been home to the ability-blessed. Those with very strong abilities in Cashflow were the most likely candidates, second only to those who managed to raise their Intelligence ability to the level of Scholarship.

I ,however was told that I had the gift of Verbal Persuasion and Presenting. This was what I found from our test given by the Profash-chanel Practice lecturer. My category being the Inspirer, but I had to watch out as it said that an Inspirer gone wrong would become a Manipulator.

I'd have liked to be like Gunjan's category,The Scientist, whom had abilities in Logical Deduction; or The Artist who had the Creative Vision and probably see the world in more colors.

As I crossed the street, I heard a sharp voice ringing in the air, all heads turned to watch a girl strumming on the guitar, every single one could not take their eyes off her. A Siren no doubt, testing out her powers on Bowen Lane.

I considered the group for our Addvertaizing Project (3rd Year-Level Magic) , with Li Fang, Rachell and Kristina. Rachell had raised her Fotograffi powers to PicturePerfect level, Li Fang will strengthen her Facial Illusion skill and even Kristina has gifts of The Artist with her Design.

Everyone's abilities was growing exponentially, I had better catch up or I'd be left behind.

Just as I reached the front step,Someone pointed at the sun, and then to his watch...and the day had suddenly ended... he was probably a Timebender...great~

So with no choice but to follow time's flow, I walked on home. On the way, I Persuaded a girl to punch the guy next to her ,just cause I was annoyed that the day had ended. I used the magic of my keycard to beep the door open, and then pressed the magic button on the wall to summon the moving cupboard within - All magic of the Technopath. Rose up to the 20th floor and back into my bed, where Silmeria sings me to sleep.

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