Saturday, 16 August 2008

Are We Really Creative?

This happens to be the seminar I'll be giving to the Ad projects class

Many of us think we have the ability to create , to come up with ideas from scratch. Do we really do that? or are we just subconscious copycats of what our eyes perceive?

A case study here is given to prove my point.
Everyone who watches this goes "Holy PHARQUE! and Oh SHIT!"

Now that you have seen the video. Do you still think you create? or merely put two and two together to make what we call -an original idea?

Something to think about.
In the meanwhile, be careful what you look at .

As a bonus this is a really beautiful example of how to promote your brand by delighting your audience

Wisdom of the day:
[00:00:37] cyn says:
sigh i dont know what i want in life
[00:00:59] ®oŷ©ε -Whirl the Water®™ says:
i kno wat i want
[00:01:04] ®oŷ©ε -Whirl the Water®™ says:
and i cant have it

From "Greek" TV series:
Cappy: " Remember Logan, 'We don't see things as they are..., We see things as we are'. I used to be a psych major."

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