Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Is It Right To Sell Sex?

Today, In Media Ethics tute, we were once again having a lively debate on the topic

"Sex Sells"

Having taken a previous course on Introduction to Philosophy. Media ethics began to cover familiar ground but specifically in the realm of advertising.

Firstly, I would advise those who are uncomfortable with the subject to refrain from reading on.
otherwise, "let's get it on" -so to speak.

Today, advertisements use sex to sell everything. From Wonderbras-

(Image from adland.com)

To Household electronics?

(image from inventorspot.com)
(Of course doing housework and using the vacuum just makes you want to get down and "dirty")
No wonder Bree van de Kamp Loves doing housework.

We musn't forget that sex sells coffee.

(image from inventorspot.com)
(We all get horny after that morning pick-me-up that makes us want to rape that sexy barista. )

Finally our darling Paris Hilton who's an expert in the sex selling area.
(image from inventorspot.com)
I love a juicy burger dripping with cholesterol whilst I wash my cars. Don't you?

As an advertiser, I'd like to defend my position by explaining these usage of sexual innuendos.

1.First being that today's world requires an ad that can shout loud enough through all the media clutter, in the time frame of 3 seconds. Therefore, sex catches attention = response

2.Then, You need to factor in that Response = Awareness which clients think equals money. Not always the case here, but we still have to deliver what the client wants.

3.Thirdly, Humans tend to attribute good qualities to sexually attractive people. (ooh, She's so beautiful! I'd buy her clothes, socks, underwear and whatever she sits on!)

It sounds unrealistic and keenly underestimating the audience, but we can't argue with statistics that come back. Therefore, we must BE that stupid.

On the flip side, I understand the issues here:

  • Women feel objectified
  • Men feel underestimated (they only respond to sex?)
  • We've become desensitized (so when will they draw the line, or will they keep pushing?)
Oh well, Sex... I know a lot of dirty little secrets around, perhaps exposing your private sex tapes would be the new medium of advertising (Edison Chen Scandal)

Perhaps someone should have slipped in some product shots of Durex~

Desensitized Advertiser,
Royce Rules

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