Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympic Period

OMG the opening of the Beijing Olympics was Spectacular!!!

Wonderful! Amazing,Breath-Piss-Life taking! I just had to stop everything I did and started Spamming EVERYONE to watch it.
I grabbed my laptop, sat in front of my cousin's TV and just bothered everyone that was online~
to just frickin watch the Olympic opening.

In those moments, I felt the proudest of my Chinese culture than I've ever been in my life.

From CBC reports:
With a production overseen by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, the ceremony itself incorporated 5,000 years of Chinese history into a 50-minute show, which, coupled with the closing celebration, reportedly cost more than $100 million US.

With the show I saw on display, I would believe if Buddha and Quan Yin came together to direct the opening.

The Fireworks made the stadium look like it exploded.

The precision of each performer was pinpoint accurate. I seriously thought it was computerized.

The expressive costumes and the props were just beautiful, the sheer amount of people involved is sure to scare the world shitless - If China ever decided to become an army again. Earth would be in deep shit.

But don't ask me what happened after Sarah Brightman and Mr China Opera Singer sang the last notes of the finale.

Cause I don't even give a pharque about sports. lol.

Olympics is a chance for advertisers to get major Media placements and humongous reach and frequency. Lol, I am truly an advertiser now.


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