Sunday, 3 August 2008

1 Litre of Tears

The name is appropriate for how I feel lately.

I've been cheerful for some time ,but like they say, "what goes up, must come down."

Someone recommended this 11 episode-series to me, and it really was a major tear jerker. The funny thing is the recommender didn't know I would be crying because of her/him (so you guys can't figure out who it is) as well.

I truly love the show and invite those who need emotional release to beg, borrow or download it. A Japanese series that touched the heart of all who watch it...except Noelle (but she's heartless la ;P).-

I watched it with Teresa and Aunt Dinah, and all three of us were emptying the tissue box like we were peeing from our eyes.

haih, I think I'm doing my self-defense thing again...pretending to be funny and happy even though I'm not. I'll be plastering on this fake smile for awhile. Don't you hate those days, when you don't even feel like talking to anyone or doing anything yet the world must continue spinning and you can't even sit down and rest.

The world always says " As soon as you fall down, pick yourself up and go on walking."
I want to say that those who think like that...will probably always walk on in life, passing the sad patches of life, but also eventually miss out on the rosy patches and the rainbow skies. and walk straight out of this life.

A bucket of tear-soaked tissues~

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