Friday, 19 September 2008

Great Thai Food

Food, is the ambrosia of my life. I get a gastronomic high when you add good food, entertainment and an interesting setting to the equation.

Cousin Bryan introduced a Thai restaurant he's been patriotically going to, since the CBD area was packed by the friday night crawl.
Aunt Dinah and I had a pleasant surprise when we realized this restaurant required you to sit on the floor with your shoes off~

I loved it that the restaurants menu had two front pages ( Our most popular dish)
- goodbye annoying course decisions! bring on your best dishes!-

There was a talented entertainer who sang well, played the guitar...
and played the bass with his FOOT!

Interesting fried Kangkung

Tasty Tom Yum

our fave : the deep fried pork shank (the health conscious need not bother even thinking of ordering this)

Fighting for food is such a worthy sport. I'd win gold if it ever became an Olympic event.

Finally we topped it off with a beautiful Thai Coconut Ice cream. just dreamy
I'm giving it a score of 8/10 on my restaurant scoring list. Authentic Thai Taste near Smith Street is definitely something I'd recommend.

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