Friday, 12 September 2008

Foul Language

* A warning that further reading might hurt your sanity and insult your civility*


Ok this is one of those random posts that I am famous for. And you know you love it.

I just began considering the different levels of severity of bad words in my vocabulary and that of my peers. It is certainly interesting how it differs for each person. So I decided to list mine for you to compare.

The first word is one that I tend to use a lot for some reason...(don't judge me!)


(Mild) : Pet pet, Vajayjay, Punani,
(Crude): Cibai, Pussy,
(EVIL): Cunt, Chau Hai (cantonese for smelly cunt),

isn't it interesting that different words just developed it's own potency? and now Beaver seems to be a rising choice for petpet slang.


(Mild):Dick, Kuku jiau
(EVIL):Lanjiau (hokkien)

Dick sounds just like a name, so it doesnt sound so bad. Kukujiau, I have no idea where that comes from but I remember laughing my head off when I learnt that fingernails in malay was called kuku.
Lanjiau is not so bad when you say it mildly, it's when you use the right tone of voice that it receives its maximum power. You should hear my Grandma say it. ("Aiyo Siau Lan Jiau la! Buay Sai Ahn Ni Kuan la!")
When Grandma gets pissed, she's like this:

The F word
(Mild): Fornicate
(Crude): Fuck
(EVIL): Tiu (Cantonese for fuck)

fuck has lost its potency due to over use.
Fornicate means to have sex before marriage. According to my dad, Fuck use to be F.U.C.K/ (that is so Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B) which means = Fornication Under Consent of the King.
a Royal consent for a fling.

so fuck isn't such a bad thing after all.

To scold someone:

(mild): A-hole
(crude): Asshole, Shitface, Dickhead,
(EVIL): Motherfucker,Bastard, Son of a bitch.

As you can see, I think foul language with the ability to insult your family is most potent. That is why I think chinese foul language is the most venomous of all.
They have created a way to insult your whole family as well as generations before that and after that.

such as : Tiu lei ham kah chan geh chow lok chat

This is probably how the ang moh's would sound trying to swear in chinese, but it works---

here's the chinese words

here's the translation :
Fuck your mom and may your whole family go to hell,
Damn your mother up to the ceiling.
The ceiling has a big-ol' bomb,
Nuke your mom till she fries like a Wonton.
(by edwardw818)
(From Youtube)

And that is why malaysians of all races, curse alot in chinese.

Don't learn from me~

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