Thursday, 11 September 2008

Beetch Fit!

I am sooo having a BF right now. A Beetch Fit!

Everything is so pissing me off! I can't believe it.

I have been slaving my life away with these projects which is fine and all as I do the best that I can.
Remember this?

Some other group/club has stolen our posters and then pasted their own in it's place! another Frickin Sucker of a pig's anus actually stuck their poster OVER ours!!!
Rawr! we already had that space first ok! OMG me and rach are so gonna throw their posters in the trash where it belongs! Rach said we're already being nice, we should just use a blade and slice off the bottom,leavin the top stub as a nice message to them.

Secondly,one of are clients is so using us lor. Exploited I tell ya! we were supposed to do only an ad campaign for them. But now we have to do their Business research, their Branding, their logo design,wedsite design, help them give out fliers apart from doing a whole campaign!

They are not even paying a single cent, plus they don't even want to pay for the photoshoot! So disgusting! We got them free models,makeup artists,photographers and even the location! they can't even pay for the costumes. Aiya Beggars wanting to be kings.

So after they abandon the idea, they want to take it from me so they can use it themselves in the future! WTF~!

Such Tulan things lor.

Lin lau bu eh Siau chibai! MSN is not even signing in! Aiya damn chat Mung now!

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