Sunday, 7 September 2008

World Week 08

Previously on Royce's Life, He was up to his neck in assignments. The time has now come to show some results for his efforts.

Every year at RMIT University, there is an event called world week where 25000 international students get a chance to celebrate their own culture in a foreign land. Royce and the girls were fortunate enough to land the huge account from Student Union, a real client with ample budget.

A campaign was visualized by Royce, and then designed by the beautiful and capable girls-Rachell, Kristina and Li Fang - together they became the group known as GALE

Royce- Concepts & Ideas/Copywriter/CEO
Kristina- Desktop Artist/Visual Researcher
Rachell- Art Director/Creative Manager
Li Fang- Account Planner/Researcher/Secretary

They put in full effort and not a single one could leave any of their talents unused.
In the beginning, Royce had a blessing from a muse and instantly had a whole campaign formed in mind. Rachell researched the annual event whilst Li Fang and Kristina checked out the client background. The project shot into progress and Rachell's capable design skills combined with Kristina's format know-how, made the creatives come to life.

The theme is Airport Terminal. the tagline Where World's Meet. Royce is truly brilliant.

The Flier :
Design by Rachell & Kristina

Beer Fest Ad:
The Beer Ad : Design by Rachell
Strategy by : Royce

The Program Guide:

Design by: Kristina

The World Week Sticker:
The Earth Sticker : Design by Royce & Li Fang

Strategy by Royce

The Volunteers Ad:

Design by Rachell and Royce
Copy written by Royce

The Volunteers T-Shirt:
Designed by Kristina
Flight Crew concept by Royce

All in Melbourne are invited to the event

Click Here Now To Attend!

All creative works are copyright of Group GALE.

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