Friday, 31 October 2008


I dreamt I was back in KL already. I stood in front of Meng Tien (One Academy). The familiar scene of art students carrying their god-help-them huge folio bags filled my vision. There was a group talking in front of me.

Shidios perhaps? but no one stood out, and their identities kept shifting. There was a girl, (Jade Bourne I think) who was speaking to them. She had the very strange Anglo-Aussie accent that was obviously forced. I realized she went a full year later than me to Australia, yet she picked up the accent faster than I. I struggled with the decision to speak in my Malaysian slang or with the tampered Aussie tone. To be seen as an unchanged man who didn't learn anything, or to be seen as pretentious and fake?

I couldn't decide, so I woke up.

Dream Divination: I probably fear what other's will think of me after my long absence from home. The shidios are having a photoshoot and they still found a way to include me. I struggle to identify with the Royce that is still the mamak-loving Malaysian boy and the striving Career man who is trying to forge a life in Australia.

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