Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fallen Asleep

I would describe my current blog to have fallen asleep. However, falling asleep does not mean that it comes to an end, but simply fallen into the world of dreams. I've just decided that I don't like too many people accessing my life without me knowing. If you want to know what's going on in my life, COMMUNICATE with me, not spy on me.

The dream:

I remember Winson was with me in this strangely empty house, there was no furniture nor decorations, only the green marble floor. Outside the sunlight was blazing, making the air shimmer. A holographic screen hung in mid-air, with what seems to be a combination of Facebook and Friendster website open.
I looked at the profiles of my friends and immediately clicked on the Shortie- A long time nemesis. Everyone's Frenemy. I tried to delete it,moving his profile box away, but it bounced back and flashed red. I ran out of the house and saw a herd of HUGE pigs running on the street. they were chasing me!

I tiptoed and jumped acrobatically onto a small hedge ,barely avoiding a snorting , charging pig.
And I awoke with eyes wide open.

Dream Divination = I might be sensing trouble for Winson caused by the short one. As for me, I'm sure the pigs represent my weight gain, trying to haunt me and turn my butt into cellulite.

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KiMmY PoTteR said...

oh dear!! i shall be more careful for now >.<

anyway, i miss u loads roycie!!