Friday, 19 December 2008

Gradual Graduation

Beg your pardon for the long absence.

When life gets busy,Royce gets busier.

Through the flames of passion and the debris of my final weeks in Melbourne. Once again, I'll rise from the flames as Rachie says.


Haihyooo, Graduate also must pose. Siau pet pet.Seriously, make sure you have something with you to battle boredom.
I stocked my laptop with GossipGirl and the latest series.
Thanks to Khun for downloading them all :)

Finally it happened.

My Family came too!
CAmwhore Time!!
Thank you all for wishing me congratulations.
However, I don't really understand why everyone's so excited about it.

It's not like I suddenly became smart after I received this piece of paper.
I'd like to see my graduation the way Xi Qi said.
" This is just the start of our lives."

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