Saturday, 20 December 2008

Gold Coast: Storming Summer

Like a sudden rip in the fabric of reality, I was torn away from Melbourne by my parents...

To the unusually bright and sunny Gold Coast.
The bright cheery atmosphere seemed to mock my glum mood.
However, I did what any typical Asian traveler would do.

The accommodation was pretty grand I must say.
The interior made me want to live there from now on.

The view made you feel like you were on top of the world...

Something was missing.

I walked down the perfect beach. Its waters like a vast mirror.
It didn't really matter where I was, My heart misses the one in Melbourne.

It felt unfair that though all our paths crossed in Melbourne, yet so many had to go back to their own country. Never able to hang out the way we used to...
I feel like I've not been given enough time.
My friends are so terribly important to me.
It hurts when I can't be with those I care about.

As usual, when I get emotional and upset.
I bring torrential rain.
The clear blue skies faded, and lightning flashed.

The Thunder was my lullaby as I plunged the whole of Gold Coast into my sorrow.What can I say?
When I miss someone, I express it strongly.
Hey you! I miss you!!!

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