Saturday, 20 December 2008

Moo Moo, Murdered, Marinated, Munched

The very next day, i woke up totally fine.
I guess Emerald went to sleep, and never woke up. After all, she brought a storm to Gold Coast that was splashed all over the news. It must have been one unnatural storm.

The Best Steakhouse on Broadbeach.

The funny thing in Queensland, is that everyone dresses up to the nines for dinner.
Melbourne feels so casual compared to this.
The wait list to get into Moo Moo was so long. Even with a booking.
At least there was pretty things to look at.

The interior was really nice too..
I asked them to change the lighting.

Even the wine was nice.

Most people would follow with a flurry of gorgeous food pics.
But I'm not like most people.
Therefore, to encourage you people to come for my 22nd Birthday (which I am planning in advance)
I shall merely show a teaser.

So remember,
4th May 2009
Gold Coast
Dinner at Moo Moo, Swimming with Dolphins and fun in the sun :)

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