Sunday, 11 January 2009

2009, Another name to call time.

Great to be enjoying this new time slot they call 09
But I prefer, Royce's next 12 months of roller coaster ride.

Jogoya Supper on New Year's Eve was fun
Our Safari theme suited our African starvation level of an appeitite.

Even though I totally missed my Melbournians.
I was still there with them in heart,spirit and vocally

So Sweet lorr when Rachell used her phone to call me.
Had no idea I was talking to sucha glam gathering.

But fear not, I had my own glam gathering.

Venus Selection to the rescue!
Drama for your mama :)

Up to our crazy antics again,

And then Venus Vanilla Selection goes around the world!

Passports everyone!On our flight~

The beautiful islands of Bali

The Eiffel Tower! Bonjour~
Ariel's Atlantica. under the sea.

Out in space.
Yosemite falls.

Taking a roller Coaster ride to the next destination
The eye of the purple storm

We are the Venus Agenda.
Here's our theme song

This is the Venus Agenda
Here to make you remember,
remember all the times, I passed you by;
Oh please let me forget you, guess I'll have to pretend to,
pretend that I don't mind, that your still blind.

Oh you won't know of the things I sacrifice;
You can go on living your so called perfect life~

I hope you will bleed, fall down on your knees
Beg with all your mortality
till you can't even breath.
Analyse these words, read between the lines
Could become your venus
just give me the time.


Abiento Sweetums


Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

Ah!~ have a super-uber-dooper-whatchamacallet Roller-Coaster RIDE Royce!~

Thanks Mr.Superstar RoyCE!!!~ XD

ThePinkRabbit said...

gosh..can't believe that was the ONLY time i saw u..


but it was uber fun! :D