Thursday, 22 January 2009

New year,Old entertainment

This year, I want to include a very important section which I will call - Mother Moments.

No it's not about touchy sentimental maternal issues. Its about my mom! the source of laughter on many occasions.

She is known as miss Laychi the sweet (pronounced as Lychee, yes the fruit).

Today's quote from Ms Lychee is :
"Hey, that road in front is a one-way-street right?
so, can I make a U-turn on it?"

My aunt laughed :" hello! it's a One-Way-Street! that means all the cars are going one-way! hahaha. you can TRY and make that U-turn though"

And my sister Ms Rose said:
" When I go to America, I'm going to boycott Mc Donalds, boycott KFC and I'll boycott myself.

......actually I don't really know what boycott means. I just saw it in the newspaper."

I laughed my ass off. "Hahahah! and you just said you want to boycott yourself! LOLaugh!"

Rose,disdainfully: "what? pa didn't teach me that word . Like that day, when I asked him what was 'Reprehend' he just said ' I will reprehend you!'"

Dad: " The word was Reprimand."

Me: "hahahaha! Omg! you've just mixed reprimand and apprehend into your own new word."

I think she really needs to boycott herself now. LOL.
talk about family matters.

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