Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Stars at 2008's end

I think, when you whisper to the night sky, the stars can hear us.
And when you look up; and someone you're thinking of looks up too. The two are connected.

You share the same night sky even though the other is far far away. If you wish hard enough. Maybe the stars will whisper your message to your loved ones too.

Some people even believe that stars are responsible for a person's character, which they call Horoscopes. Some believe they influence destinies; especially those who would be lovers.

Well, Venus must have blessed Aquarius because my lovely Aquarian cousin, Teresa, has finally "put a ring on it" after a 7-year relationship.

I have been inspired by a certain star in my life to appreciate those around me.
There are twelve constellations in my sky, like the twelve horoscopes.
Each shining like a supernova in my life.

You know who you are, always sending me sweet and encouraging messages. Making me laugh when my day is feeling pointless. A small signal from you burns brightly in my heart for days.

These people do it really often and I feel, deserves my public thanks and loving~

Rachell (Your heart is open to me, when all others beg to get into yours. I feel so privelleged.our spa sessions and movie nites does wonders to my mood! no matter how bad the day, You're there to be my emotional healer.)

Shaza (Your constant care was felt even when I was in Melbourne, you never let distance get in your way. I'll always appreciate that, and hope to learn from you. Distance shall not impede me! My fearless inspirer.)

Cynthia (Your listening ear has been there for so many years. I feel like you know me more than I know myself sometimes. For better or worse. lol. You really are the witness of my life, Lou poh.)

Khun (Your chats with me broke through my wall. It made the ending of 2008 so super fun & exciting. Even now,back in KL, when most of my close friends are far away, you still take away the loneliness. You are my brother and my heart. )

Winson (Your timing is always just right. When I'm in trouble, you appear. You know how to make me feel safer and you do the sweetest things for me. You are my protector, always watching out for me. I am secure when you're there.)

You guys made 2008 My happiest year so far. From the Beginning when Markus and Winson and a big gang of us were gallivanting around, right to this day, The last day of this year.

The rest of you out there, as many as the stars in the skies. You know I love you too. If you've taken the time to check out my life, you have received what I can give. A moment in my life that was shared with you.

May the stars always shine bright for you.
Happy New Year!

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Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

I LOVE YOUUU ROYCE!~! *Uhuhuhuh!!*
*the sweetest thing I've read so far in 2009!!!!

Thank youu for believing in me~ :)