Thursday, 28 May 2009

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

"youth is wasted on the Young",
or so the saying goes;
"youth is wasted on the Young",
with envy said the Old;

As if there's no better way,
for the young to spend today,
as a body soon to mold;

Time will pace and race with haste,
as the Young go through their phase
carefree as the days unfold;

They laugh, They cry, They gallivant,
They sing, They dance, experiment;
The youth They possess was surely spent,
The youth of yesterday just came and went.

The Old and Ancient sit in their place,
The Old and ancient droopy face;
sit and reminisce on the days-
their youth enjoyed, Aprils, Mays.

"A word from the wise, m'boy",
said the old man on the bench;
"worry not how your youth is spent,
for that's the best way to prevent...

a Life in fear you never meant."

~ A poetic epiphany by Royce ~

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Eve said...

me likey :D