Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Happy Phase

Its been awhile. Since my grandma's stroke scare, I am happy to announce that things are way better.

My grandma went for acupuncture treatment that vastly improved her initial condition. My mom says its amazing for a woman to be able to survive four strokes. yes my grandma has had four strokes during her lifetime. But then again, we're talking about my ex-gangster 'Dai Kar Che' grandma here.

I guess its expected that a strong woman like her won't go down easily.

Like any obstacle, when you get past it, there is a sense of relief, excitement and accomplishment.

I do feel proud of myself for overcoming my fears and deciding to live and treasure every moment. It forces me to reassess my life goals. Imagine my own funeral, and what I want people to be saying about me. That is the standard by which I live my daily life towards.

In the meantime, that doesn't mean its not fun to do so :)

Bangkok's trip was amazing! I guess, after hanging out with Mint, Polli and Khun in Melbourne, it was nice to feel like I was visiting them in their own home. I've gone to Hatyai many many times but it was my first time to Bangkok.

The wonderful thing was that so many of us managed to meet up in Bangkok. so it felt like a wonderful reunion of sorts. I really think of them as life-long friends that are geographically distant, so any physical time together is extremely precious to me.

I'm also glad Rachel came along together in a 'spur of the moment' decision. both of us needed the getaway.

Needless to say its a trip worth remembering every moment of. Definitely one of my best holidays. Its almost painful to know that its over.

But as long as I'm still alive, there's always tomorrow :)

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