Thursday, 25 June 2009


Hours after I wrote the last post, something tragic happened.

It turns out, my instincts are stronger than I thought. The bad thing that I felt coming, finally happened.

My grandmother had a stroke.

Awaken by my parents' early return from Shanghai, I got up to find my dad knocking on my door telling me my grandma had a stroke and to go downstairs and help my ah ma

In a daze, I went down to my grandma's room where my mom was helping her get out of bed. I ask my grandma " Why didn't you tell me?" feeling utterly guilty that I had been at home but completely ignorant of the situation.
Grandma started crying and explained that she only noticed she couldn't walk yesterday. Her speech was slurred and her right limbs were almost paralyzed as she was lifted out of bed.

She was admitted into the hospital.

All my fears about death and suffering seemed to be pushed into my face. As if the Divine power required me to deal with everything in one swift blow. I walked into the hospital horrified. All the sick, maimed and dying were gathered here. The fragility of life on display for all.

Blood pressure tests,Blood samples,and a CT scan later, My grandma laid on the hospital bed with a tube running through her nose into her stomach. They said she seems to have had only a mild stroke.

It's been five days. She's much less of the woman she was. Yet, her fighting spirit remains as she tries hard not to be dependent. I've come to realize that rejecting death is also rejecting life. Things happen for a reason and perhaps this fear was placed upon me to come home to appreciate my family.
It was also because of my return to KL that my parents cut their trip short and was able to detect my grandma's problem before she fell or before her condition worsened. I'm just glad I was here for my grandma.

It seems I really do have the gift of foresight. Sometimes you'd wish gifts like these could be returned.

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