Sunday, 8 November 2009

Battle with Demon

As the dream consumes me, My mind opens. When I go under, reality is suspended.

I stood in front of the white wall station of the Zoo. The colours were washed out, like someone had bleached my vision.

My family walked with me to the gates of the guard house. They went through, as the guard with the beady eyes looked at me, frowning, staring, he shut the gates on me as I tried to step through. The gates slammed into my face and I was caught on the border.

That was when I knew something was wrong with the Zoo.

I was walking into the room where all visitors had to stay a night before they could enter the Zoo. It had a window that looked out into the compound. The Savannah winds blew dust against the windows. There was no signs of life at all for a zoo.

My mom ran in the next morning, panicking that she'd forgotten something. Whatever it was, I looked up at the ceiling, and there was a hole in the roof. I simply told her, I could get it. I just knew it at that moment, I could fly to wherever I wanted.

I rose out of the building like it was completely natural. Rushing through the city with no horizon. I could not see a single inch of sky. I needed to see the sky. I wasn't flying high enough. Everytime I tried to go higher, there was another glass building in my vision. I realised that my imagination wasn't strong enough. I couldn't imagine blue skies and a horizon!

With that, the buildings gave way. and all I saw was a skyline of blue. The dark buzzing blue of a blank computer screen. The glass of the buildings showed me flying full speed, but in slow motion. I was swathed in billowing white cloth and the reflection was an absolutely beautiful lady.


I was back in the room, with the object retrieved, but nobody was there. There was something wrong here. I looked at the neatly manicured sheets and the laundered towels.; the neat pillows and the fake air of welcome. It was a trap for everyone who came to the Zoo. That's why everyone had to stay overnight. No one was supposed to actually get into the Zoo.

I looked behind me at the doorway. I hear someone call me out. I walked out and then at the doorway is a doll. A doll wearing something frilly and old. Then its head expands and contracts and opens its fangs. mouth. Teeth. Fangs. It screams at me! The eyes black holes of shadows, swirling spinning. It wants to eat me.

I stepped back in fear. and the fear expanded in my throat. It was a real demon! This was a dream. My dream, and what I think is real , becomes real. I knew I was talking directly to the demon through the dream, and the demon was angry.

I couldn't let this demon win. I had enough of it. I looked it straight in the eyes. It screamed at me. I shouted "That is enough! No more!" hands shot out of the ground to hold it in place. Fangs with spit shot at me, but it shrank a little. "You are but a demon! You have no power over me, no right to torture me. I am not afraid!"


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