Monday, 16 November 2009

Mom Advice

The first time my mom gives advice that I actually wanna remember

God did create us with brain and free choice. And it is utmost important to have ability to think wisely in Decision making. In fact I just read a book on How to Train your child to think.
It is a lot to do with our habits and attitude to be good decision makers.
The book gives us only 2 scenarios : When you want to think and When you do not want to...
When you want to for a specific decison like getting a right job. Then use the Thinking Caps. 1st, put on the Blue Cap which is on What is The Purpose and What is the 4 main Priorities. Better also to have the First Important Priority. 2nd , put on the Red Cap= What do I feel on this job? Emotions, 3rd, put on the Black cap= Caution, Is this Ok to go ahead?
4th, Put on the Green Cap= Any Benefits? Or any advantage on taking this job up to overcome the caution of Black cap.
5th, Put back Red cap= What do I feel now?
If the decision is something you do Not want to make, then 1st, put on Red cap= Emotion, Do I have 3 emotions ie Fear, Greed and Laziness in this decision? 2nd Put on the Yellow Cap= Any Plus Point if I overcome the 3 Emotions. Weigh the Pros. Then 3rd, Put on Black Cap = Caution. Anything that is Cons or Minus on this decision. 4th, Back to Red Cap= Emotions, Do I still feel same or otherwise.

Wow suddenly my mom sounds so smart. It's not that I don't usually listen, just that over the internet, and in her emails, usually she says things that sound more like this:
11:11:59 PM LAYCHI: Not to worry about points too much. God has open the door for you to be in Australia and has seen you through financially till now. Trust in the Lord to be Jehovah Jireh Our Lord Provider. I trust that He will give you favor from Himself and from Immigration Dept and also your interviewers for a job where he will establish the works of your hands. Amen.

Sounds like God is just having my interest at heart and every one should just bend over backwards for me. Plus my mom also usually say stuff like :

11:12:41 PM Roycexegesis: My left eye is twitching
11:12:49 PM Roycexegesis: did anyone in our family die?

11:15:26 PM LAYCHI: No one died but today is Pui Yee's wedding. Ah Ma and Pa is now attending the wedding dinner in KL. Me and girl at home on net and studying.
Haha, I love how she is just never aware that she says the bitchiest things in the world without thinking.  I love her! It's a natural talent I tell you.

As my mom says "Call me Laychi the Sweet" (hand flourishes as if making a grand statement and hand goes on hips.)

Love my mom

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